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Volumeet allows you in a simple, quick and intuitive way to manage your fan base and offers you the necessary tools and services to help you get to know and engage your public, commercialize products and grow your overall business.

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The creation of the fan club is divided into 5 phases and allows fans who have paid the annual fee to enjoy exclusive digital content and experience created specifically for them:


The reserved area will allow you to keep tabs on useful data referred to your subscribers (sex, ageā€¦). You will also be in the position to trace the trend of your fans on all social platforms, so as to be able to induce them to subscribe to your fan club. The data regarding your fans will always be at your disposal

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much does it cost to open my fan club?
    Opening your fan club on Volumeet is completely free. We only keep a small percentage from your fans' subscriptions: we will start to earn money only when you start too!
  • Where do the subscription money arrive?
    Every time one of your fans decides to sign up, his subscription money goes directly to your PayPal account. We keep only a small commission on the purchase.
  • How can I promote my fan club?
    In addition to helping you in its creation, Volumeet puts at your disposal a series of tools to promote your fan club. You work through your channels, we'll take care of the rest with ours!
  • Can I insert the fan club on my website?
    Only with the Premium version of Volumeet can you fully integrate the fan club within your website. With the standard version you can only use a redirect (for